For some reason I’m not really sad about not getting selected to do a session at VMworld. I’m sure it would have been an amazing experience to talk in front of 5-600 people, but I have to admit, it was also a bit intimidating 🙂 I’ve seen a lot of angry and disappointed tweets from other people who didn’t their sessions accepted, but Chin Up, even Duncan had his 3 sessions declined…. Read More

Summer is approaching fast, and soon this years VMworlds in San Francisco and Barcelona will be upon us. This brings with it, a lot of speculations on what will be unveiled and what will happen with old products. As stated in an earlier post, I’ve submitted a Session to VMworld about vCops, and are right now waiting on June the 2nd, to hear whether or not that session has been accepted. Regardless… Read More

I’ve just spend 3 days at Arrow ECS attending this course. It was taught by Alistair Sutherland, and I must say I was very impressed by it. The main goal of this course, by my guess, was to make us question our design choices, and be able to defend every choice we made. This was done by teaching us a methodology, that can actually be used on other things than VMware design. AMPRSC… Read More

Its time to review a few more Sponsor T-shirts. This time its 2 really good ones, and 2 that are so and so. Good examples on what to do and not to do. First up is the Official VMworld 2012 T-shirt Name: Official VMworld T-shirt of 2012Model: Hanes Tagless 100% cottonSize: XXLQuality: After quite a few washes this shirt has only lost a bit of its shape, a big step up from 2010 and 2011… Read More

I’ve recently been involved in performance testing a SharePoint 2013 farm. This has led to some discoveries on what you can use vCops for when you do performance testing, including what metrics you should look at. Setup The setup we used for testing,  was what Microsoft calls a Medium Farm topology. It consists of 2 Web Frontends, 2 application servers for search and index and 1 database server. In front of the web… Read More


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