Thoughts on #vmworld 2016 so far

First off I have to admit I’m still jet lagged so if the wordings come off a bit negative that is not the intention of this post.

I have to say that Las Vegas is a completely different city than San Francisco. I like most of the other attendees live on a hotel on the Strip. And that seems to be nothing but casinos, hotels and bars. Shops that you find everywhere in SF like T-mobile or say a Target are 2-3 miles away and in this heat you need to take a cab to get there. So eventhough the hotels are much cheaper than SF I think this willbe a more expensive trip than last year.

The Strip at night however is an amazing sight, kinda creates a magical atmosphere with all the colourful lights on all the casinos, seems no expense spared to try to attract potential guests to their hotel or casino.

Last night i attended what i would deem the best VMuG party ever. The inaugural VMUG Members Party. Held in The House of Blue at the Mandalay. I have actually no idea what the bands name was, but damn did they play great music. 80’s Rock coverband, with a lot of ACDC , Aerosmith Run DMC and the like, that really got the crowd going.

Michael Dell took the stage and we had an air guitar competition, and of course the legendary #wreckingcrew was there as well.

Really nice way to kick off VMworld.

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