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 #vExpert gifts at #vmworld

My humble opinion is that this years best vExpert gift comes from Datrium Storage

They gave out a Raspberry Pi 3 to all vExperts who had registered.

Cohesity had a really nice Timbuk2 backpack with a 6000mAh power bank, charger cables and a water bottle also a very nice and useful gift.

Over at the Nimble booth they gave out t-shirts, unfortunately the largest was XL and not American sizes.

Docker gave out a vExpert Cap and a T-shirt if you sat in on 15 min session about docker, by a very enthusiastic speaker.

At the Solidfire booth I picked up the new version of Cards against humanity and a pair of the famous Solidfire socks 😉

I saw that both Datacore and Catalogic Software had something too, but didn’t get around to picking those up.

Only sad thing this year is that no one did the really nice vExpert Polos, that I see a lot of fellow vExperts wear at VMworld.

But a BIG thank you to all the companies that decided to do something for the vExpert community.

Thoughts on #vmworld 2016 so far

First off I have to admit I’m still jet lagged so if the wordings come off a bit negative that is not the intention of this post.

I have to say that Las Vegas is a completely different city than San Francisco. I like most of the other attendees live on a hotel on the Strip. And that seems to be nothing but casinos, hotels and bars. Shops that you find everywhere in SF like T-mobile or say a Target are 2-3 miles away and in this heat you need to take a cab to get there. So eventhough the hotels are much cheaper than SF I think this willbe a more expensive trip than last year.

The Strip at night however is an amazing sight, kinda creates a magical atmosphere with all the colourful lights on all the casinos, seems no expense spared to try to attract potential guests to their hotel or casino.

Last night i attended what i would deem the best VMuG party ever. The inaugural VMUG Members Party. Held in The House of Blue at the Mandalay. I have actually no idea what the bands name was, but damn did they play great music. 80’s Rock coverband, with a lot of ACDC , Aerosmith Run DMC and the like, that really got the crowd going.

Michael Dell took the stage and we had an air guitar competition, and of course the legendary #wreckingcrew was there as well.

Really nice way to kick off VMworld.


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