Less than a month to #VMworld SF

I’m guessing you already know this, but the Schedule Builder for VMworld US is online, and you have to hurry to get into the sessions you want to see. Even if the session is full, do put yourself on the waiting list and/or add it to your interests, as this will alert VMware that there is a larger interest than they have scheduled, and more often than not, they move the session to a larger room, or add a repeat of the session on a later date. But I must stress that its important to register, as you wont get into any of the popular sessions by standing outside the doors.

Besides the sessions, there are mainly two things I’m looking forward to when it comes to VMworld, first is the Solutions Exchange where the different vendors have stands of varying sizes and have experts on hand to tell you all about their products. You can always find something of interest to you there. Besides that, a lot of them offers T-shirts, which I’ve begun to review.

The second thing is the networking, there are tons of interesting people to talk to, both costumers and vendor people. Quite a lot of bright people attend VMworld. And pretty much anyone who is anything in the virtualization scene is there, and more often than not are quite willing to chat about tech stuff with you.

And then of course there are all the receptions/parties that you will get invited to if you visit the vendors booths or follow them on twitter.

So far I’ve scheduled these session

#STO5063 Building SQL Server on Geographically distributed Clusters with Virtual San
#STO5333 Building a  Streched Cluster with Virtual SAN
#STO6289 Top Design Principles for Architecting a VM-Aware Storage infrastructure
#STO4650 Five Common Customer Use cases for Virtual SAN
#STO5336 VMware Virtual SAN – Architecture Deep Dive
#STO4544 Using Virtual SAN to Maximize Database Performance
#INF4535 5 Functions of Software Defined Availability
#INF5116 A Practical Introduction to DevOps for VMware Administrators
#SDDC4593 Ask the Expert vBloggers
#SDDC4595 Ask the Expert industry Titans
#SDDC6642 The Bleeding Edge: A facemelting technical smorgasbord of Private, Hybrid and Paas
#VAPP Advanced SQL Server on vSphere

And I’m having a Schedule Conflict that I hope will be resolved with
#STO6556 Stretched Clusters with Lee Dilworth
#SDDC5273 VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: From vSAN to EVO: Rail and EVO:Rack

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