#VMworld T-shirt Review Part 3

So last batch of #VMworld T-shirts, just in time before VMworld Europe kicks off for real tomorrow in Barcelona. Hope you could use this, to find some of the better T-shirts being offered in the Solutions Exchange.

2014-08-29 07.40.282014-08-29 07.40.48

Name: Printer Logic
Model:  Gildan Heavy Cotton Pre-shrunk
Size: XXL
Quality: A nice feeling fabric, seemingly the same that a lot of others has gone with this years. Feels nice and soft.
Print: A huge drawing of someone taking a bat to a server, with the print Kill your printserver. Nothing on the back
Score: 5/10
Conclusion:   The fabric is what brings this score up. The shirt was clearly intended as a gimmick for the convention, but it would not be something you would wear anywhere.


2014-08-29 07.38.12 2014-08-29 07.38.38

Name: Solarwinds
Model:  Tultex 100% ringspun preshrunk cotton
Size:  XXL
Quality:  Again a nice feeling fabric, soft and very light, although the only one of this brand I’ve collected.
Print: Solarwinds has gone with a nice and simple front. The Back has a big yellow logo with “I’m to ESXY for my Datacenter
Score: 6/10
Conclusion:  Good quality shirt, not too fond of the back, but not something that would keep me from wearing this shirt outside work.



2014-08-29 07.35.322014-08-29 07.36.14

Name: Global Knowledge
Model: Delta Proweight 100% Cotton
Size:  XL
Quality: A Very nice fabric, looks like the same as last years VMworld shirt. As this shirt wasnt available in XL, I left this one with the Homeless in SF, so dont know how it holds up after washes.
Print: A big “Be a Force” logo on the front, but and very nice and simple globalknowledge logo on the sleeve. And a clean back
Score: 7/10
Conclusion:  Actually a very shirt, too bad it wasnt in XXL. Guess William Lam would have been able to get one in S 🙂



2014-08-29 07.24.22 2014-08-29 07.24.47

Model: Next Level apparel XXL ,100% Cotton
Size: XXL
Quality: Again a nice quality shirt from Next Level, and it holds up reasonably after washing.
Print: A Simple #DataDriven statement on the front, and a medium sized logo with some text on the back. Not too flashy
Score: 6/10
Conclusion:  Not quite as good quality as some of the other Next Level shirts I’ve reviewed, but a nice shirt that could be worn outside work.


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