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Sorry nothing substancial in this blog post, I just bought and mapped it to WordPress, so need to test that the links it sends out are the correct one.

Everyone have a nice Sunday ūüôā



Update to Nordic VMUG Conference


Just heard that the VMUG Leadership has convinced Chris Wahl to come to Copenhagen to speak also. This simply is a Must attend event that they have pulled off here.

Really great job that the Danish VMUG Leader team has done here.

The Agenda has also been publicised, and can be found here along with the registration.


Nordic #VMUG meeting – Nov 20th.


So we’re closing in, on the annual Nordic VMUG conference, which will be held at Bella Center Copenhagen again. For those of you that didn’t attend last year, the concept is like a mini VMworld, in the same venue that had VMworld in 2010 and 2011. Even if you did attend VMworld this is a good opportunity

There will be a small show floor, where vendors will showcase their products and you can get a good talk with them about their products. Often the vendors sends their technicians also, so you’re not stuck with the typical sales guys you always seem to get on the phone ūüôā

There will be a number of different sessions, hopefully both community, meaning costumer cases, and professional sessions by VMware people or other Vendors that does something for the Virtualization world.

This years confirmed lineup so far include the following:

  • Opening Keynote by Joe Baguley, CTO of EMEA for VMware. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to Joe quite a few times, and been invited to a lunch where he talked about VMware and the future. Joe is a great speaker with some very nice ideas on where VMware is going, and this is something you should attend if possible.
  • Closing Keynote by Shawn Bass¬†Sr. Director, Strategy & Planning, VMware End User Computing. Not someone I’ve met before and a new face at VMware, used to be at Citrix and Microsoft before.
  • Duncan Epping (VCDX007) is doing a session, dont know about what, but Duncan’s a superstar within the VMware community, and is always good to listen to.
  • Cormac Hogan is always a pleasure to listen to, I’m still amazed about how nice and non-hyped Cormac talks about storage, and i’m guessing we will hear about VVols from him.
  • Paudie O’Riordan, has been at VMUG’s in Denmark af few times, and usually has some very good horror tales from VMware support where the costumer has misconfigured this or that. A must see!
  • Frank Denneman of PernixData, will no doubt talk about FVP 2.0 the new software from PernixData, that among other things allows the use of Memory for storage acceleration.

Besides that I know they have been called for some customers to do a session, but I don’t know of any confirmed speakers. I myself was asked, but as I’m still struggling to make the time, had sadly to decline the opportunity¬†to speak at this big event.

I’m still hoping to make it to Bella Center, as last year was a really nice VMUG conference. It’s not meant to be a standard VMUG, but more like a mini-VMworld. And as stated earlier, even if you did attend VMworld, I would still very much recommend coming to this one as well. Even if this could be your first VMUG, you should try to attend, and make new acquaintances and network, which will be very helpful in your daily job in virtualization.

Sign up here:








#VMworld T-shirt Review Part 3

So last batch of #VMworld T-shirts, just in time before VMworld Europe kicks off for real tomorrow in Barcelona. Hope you could use this, to find some of the better T-shirts being offered in the Solutions Exchange.

2014-08-29 07.40.282014-08-29 07.40.48

Name: Printer Logic
Model:  Gildan Heavy Cotton Pre-shrunk
Size: XXL
Quality: A nice feeling fabric, seemingly the same that a lot of others has gone with this years. Feels nice and soft.
Print: A huge drawing of someone taking a bat to a server, with the print Kill your printserver. Nothing on the back
Score: 5/10
Conclusion:   The fabric is what brings this score up. The shirt was clearly intended as a gimmick for the convention, but it would not be something you would wear anywhere.


2014-08-29 07.38.12 2014-08-29 07.38.38

Name: Solarwinds
Model:  Tultex 100% ringspun preshrunk cotton
Size:  XXL
Quality:¬† Again a nice feeling fabric, soft and very light, although the only one of this brand I’ve collected.
Print:¬†Solarwinds has gone with a nice and simple front. The Back has a big yellow logo with “I’m to ESXY for my Datacenter
Score: 6/10
Conclusion:  Good quality shirt, not too fond of the back, but not something that would keep me from wearing this shirt outside work.



2014-08-29 07.35.322014-08-29 07.36.14

Name: Global Knowledge
Model: Delta Proweight 100% Cotton
Size:  XL
Quality: A Very nice fabric, looks like the same as last years VMworld shirt. As this shirt wasnt available in XL, I left this one with the Homeless in SF, so dont know how it holds up after washes.
Print:¬†A big “Be a Force” logo on the front, but and very nice and simple globalknowledge logo on the sleeve. And a clean back
Score: 7/10
Conclusion:¬† Actually a very shirt, too bad it wasnt in XXL. Guess William Lam would have been able to get one in S ūüôā



2014-08-29 07.24.22 2014-08-29 07.24.47

Model: Next Level apparel XXL ,100% Cotton
Size: XXL
Quality: Again a nice quality shirt from Next Level, and it holds up reasonably after washing.
Print: A Simple #DataDriven statement on the front, and a medium sized logo with some text on the back. Not too flashy
Score: 6/10
Conclusion:¬† Not quite as good quality as some of the other Next Level shirts I’ve reviewed, but a nice shirt that could be worn outside work.


Vendor Bashing – A Plea

It has often been the case in the Storage world, that vendors were prone to bashing each other heavily. Often on misguided or outdated beliefs. That is not something as common in the Server world.  And it seemed like it was finally at a point where the maturity of the Storage Vendors had risen to a point where they focused more on themselves than on what the competition could or could not do. However it seems with all these new hybrid storage, or all flash vendors popping all over, that vendor bashing is back in full. Vendor bashing only creates negativity, bashes going back and forth is a bad downwards spiral, that is very hard to break out from.

A lot of exciting new things are happening in storage world. Flash is a great disruptor of a world that has been pretty much static for quite a few years. We’ve gotten All flash, hybrid flash arrays, tiered arrays, converged storage, hyperconverged boxes and what have you not. There should be plenty of opportunity¬†for all to create an exiting product.

So please!
Focus on what it is that your product can do, what features do you bring, and let the costumer compare this to the other vendors products. In the end you will end up with a happier costumer. A costumer that by themselves have figured out what the others can and can’t do, will easily see through your lies and will be a costumer lost forever. Or at least a costumer that will be very hard to convince to try your product out again. And on the whole you’re hurting the entire storage world.

Had to put that out there!.


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