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Summer is approaching fast, and soon this years VMworlds in San Francisco and Barcelona will be upon us. This brings with it, a lot of speculations on what will be unveiled and what will happen with old products. As stated in an earlier post, I’ve submitted a Session to VMworld about vCops, and are right now waiting on June the 2nd, to hear whether or not that session has been accepted. Regardless… Read More

Just a quick follow-up post on how things went after the last post about this topic So after finding that scaling the webservers up wasn’t the solution to the problems we experienced with the webservers, we started to look elsewhere, and actually found that a load balancer that was set to do round-robin load balancing instead of least used, caused all the hiccups. Once that was changed we started hitting the limits… Read More

So… Ive gone and done it… Applied for both a VMworld Session and vExpert. VMworld The VMworld Session is number 1516 (please go a vote here : http://www.vmworld.com/index.jspa). I’ve applied along with Michael Monberg from VMware Denmark, who’s VMware Denmarks leading expert on vCenter Operations Manager. The session is about using vCops in real life for performance troubleshooting, and will use some of the content of this blog. I’ll know by June… Read More

I’ve just spend 3 days at Arrow ECS attending this course. It was taught by¬†Alistair Sutherland, and I must say I was very impressed by it. The main goal of this course, by my guess, was to make us question our design choices, and be able to defend every choice we made. This was done by teaching us a methodology, that can actually be used on other things than VMware design. AMPRSC… Read More


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