Second Sponsor T-shirt Review

Its time to review a few more Sponsor T-shirts. This time its 2 really good ones, and 2 that are so and so. Good examples on what to do and not to do.

First up is the Official VMworld 2012 T-shirt

VMworld 2012 frontVMworld 2012 back

Name: Official VMworld T-shirt of 2012
Model: Hanes Tagless 100% cotton
Size: XXL
Quality: After quite a few washes this shirt has only lost a bit of its shape, a big step up from 2010 and 2011 shirts
Print: The print is still visible, but is a bit faded. Its somewhat more “in your face” than the previous years.
Score: 6/10
Conclusion: The fabric still feels good, its a bit stiff after washing but that quickly subsides. A good shirt.

Next up is an F5 T-shirt from 2010

F5 2010 Front F5 2010 Sleeve

Name: F5 2010
Model: Hanes Tagless 100% Cotton
Size: XXL
Quality: This shirt has been washed a lot and still keeps its shape, really nice.
Print: The print is a bit faded. but still good. No print on the back side
Score: 10/10
Conclusion: This is a shirt done the perfect way. Good job F5. A nice catchy image on the front and a very discreet logo on the sleeve. One need to look closely to figure out who made this shirt. This is really nice done by F5 and a shirt i wear often when off from work.

3rd one is from 3Par

3Par 2010 front 3Par 2010 sleeve

Name: 3Par from 2010
Model: C Port and Company 100% Preshrunk Cotton
Size: XXL
Quality: After a lot of , this T-shirt has kept its shape perfectly 
Print: The print is still visible, but is faded. Considering how much this has been washed since 2010 its pretty nice
Score: 9/10
Conclusion: The fabric is still soft and nice, colors a bit faded but again a shirt of good quality. And the 3Par logo isn’t that obvious, again a good shirt. 3Par has changed a lot since HP bought them.

Last one is from Veeam

Veeam 2010 front Veeam 2010 back

Name: Veeam 2010
Model: Gildan Heavy Cotton, 100% Preshrunk Cotton
Size: XXL
Quality: After some washes, this T-shirt has gone a bit out of shape, but still is wearable
Print: The print is still visible, but is a bit faded
Score: 3/10
Conclusion: A nice logo on the front. “Virtualization Lover”, but then the back is completely hopeless, way too much info and not a shirt i would wear anywhere but at home, when only the family is around.

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