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Its time to review a few more Sponsor T-shirts. This time its 2 really good ones, and 2 that are so and so. Good examples on what to do and not to do. First up is the Official VMworld 2012 T-shirt Name: Official VMworld T-shirt of 2012Model: Hanes Tagless 100% cottonSize: XXLQuality: After quite a few washes this shirt has only lost a bit of its shape, a big step up from 2010 and 2011… Read More

This is the first review I’ve planned. I bounced the idea of a few #vmugdk’ers who thought it could be a fun thing to do. So here goes the first review, and if people like it I’ll keep going. Thinking about doing this under VMworld 2014 as well, it could be fun to do review while there and point people towards the nice t-shirts and maybe get feedback on where to get… Read More

I’ve come up with an idea to review the sponsor t-shirts we always seems to get when attending VMworld or other conferences. So the idea is that I post some t-shirts and review them, looking at build quality, how they handle washing and drying etc. It might be stupid but who knows. Was thinking I could do a poll when it comes to VMworld where people could vote on the t-shirts they… Read More

On April 3rd VMUG Denmark held its first vMug of the year, the place was a repeat of a nice setting that was done last year as well. It was held in a Cinema and afterwards there were a showing of the new Captain America: The Winter Soldier Movie. More than 100 vMuggers had claimed a ticket for this VMUG so the cinema was filled to capacity. It started off with Nicolai… Read More


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